Getting Started

By connecting your lobstr wallet with your discord account, you will be able to claim stellar assets from the faucet including OverLoad ($OVRL) for free!


Before You Can Connect Your Wallet,
you must fulfill the prerequisite below:

  1. Establish trustline to OVRL (home domain: and hold minimum 1k OVRL in your wallet. [ You may check: How To Buy And Earn By Holding Overload ($OVRL)]
  2. Join Our Discord Server And Verify Yourself

After you have filled the above prerequisite, Follow the steps below to connect your lobstr wallet with your discord account:

STEP 1: Type the command /connect in our official discord server. Select wallet and type your wallet address.

STEP 2: Then select transaction_hash and type “abc”. Click Send button

STEP 3: You will get an Address and a Memo. Copy That Address And Memo. (You will need to send 0.0001 OVRL or less to that address)

STEP 4: Open Your Lobstr Wallet and click on the menu icon at the top left corner and click Send button

STEP 5: Click on stellar wallet

STEP 6: Paste the wallet address you got from the bot in step 3 and click Continue

STEP 7: Select OVRL and type 0.0001 or less in the amount field and click Continue

STEP 8: In Transaction Memo, past the memo you got from the bot (providing memo here is required to connect your wallet). Then click Send

STEP 9: A popup will appear. Click on Transaction Details

STEP 10: Copy The Transaction Hash. You will need to paste it in transaction_hash in the next step

STEP 11: Then in our discord server , use the /connect command. Type your wallet address in wallet field. In transaction_hash type the Transaction Hash you copied in the step 10. Click the send button

[Additionally if someone referred you, you can select him in the referrer field]

STEP 12: A confirmation message will show, click on the GREEN button

Now you are all set and ready to use /claim command to claim the OVRL faucet every 30 mins and /faucet stellar command to claim other stellar tokens from the faucet

Disclaimer: your faucet rewards for the OVRL/other specific token depends on the amount of OVRL/other specific token you are holding. The more you hold the more reward you will get]

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March 2023