How To Connect Lobstr Wallet With Discord Account

Getting Started

By connecting your lobstr wallet with your discord account, you will be able to claim stellar assets from the faucet including OverLoad ($OVRL) for free! PREREQUISITE: Before You Can Connect Your Wallet,you must fulfill the prerequisite below: Establish trustline to OVRL (home domain: and hold minimum 1k OVRL in your wallet. [ You may […]

How To Create And Setup A Lobstr Wallet

Beginners Guide

Lobstr is one of the most popular online secure Stellar wallets where you can buy, store, trade, or even swap Stellar Lumens (XLM) with other Stellar assets such as OverLoad ($OVRL)! Here are some Core Features of Lobstr Wallet: BUY, STORE, & TRADE CRYPTO: You can easily purchase, swap, or trade any Stellar assets. You […]